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agriculture plastic climbing plant support net for cucumber

Plant climbing nets are suitable for the cultivation of climbing plants, such as yam, beans, cucumbers, loofah, peas, small pumpkins, small watermelons, passion fruit and various hanging melons, etc. It is easy to use, saves manpower and material resources, and reduces farmers' planting costs. Durable.

Product name agriculture plastic climbing plant support net
Material HDPE add uv
Color green and white, blue and white, red and white, black and white, ect
Mesh size 18x18cm, 20x20cm, 25x25cm
Package Plastic Bag + PP Woven Bag or Carton
Weight gram 300g-500g Per Piece
Popular size 2x100m, 3x100m, 1.8x60m/piece
Twine 380D/6ply, 380D/9ply, 400D/6ply,400D/9ply

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