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anti insect net to thailand

Anti insect net, also known as plant and vegetables greenhouse net, insect proof net, anti aphids net, and anti thrips net. The anti insect mesh offers effective control of the spread of all kinds of harmful pests spread, such as Cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, aphids, flea beetles, Sweet agnate, American leafminer, litura, etc. These anti insect farm nets can also prevent the spread of virus. Antil insect screen net can significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides so that the planting vegetables are of good quality and health.

Material 100% new HDPE and UV
Weight grams/square meter 30-130gsm
Mesh size 20 mesh , 30 mesh, 40 mesh(40x25, 40x35), 50 mesh(50x25)
Length 50m,100m,150m,200m, as you request
Width 1m , 1.5m , 2m , 3m , 4m, ect
Color white, green, black, yellow, red, blue, gray, ect.

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