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black pp woven ground cover weed mat plastic mulch

Product description

Product name black pp woven ground cover weed mat plastic mulch
Material 100% virgin PP
Color Black, green, white
Width 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m or as the customers' requirements
Length 30m/50m/100m/150m/200m or as per customer's requirements
Weight grams 60-200gsm
Stripes Vertical line and square
Stop the weed growth and keep the water
Packaging Roll packaging by paper or plastic bobbin, Outside packed by stretching film or PE film
2 tons
1. High strength: due to the use of plastic flat yarn, it can maintain sufficient strength and elongation in dry and wet conditions.
2. Corrosion resistance: long-term corrosion resistance in soil and water of different pH.
3. Good water permeability: There is a gap between the flat yarn, so there is good water permeability.
4. Good antimicrobial properties: Microbes, insects will not damage it.
5. Convenient construction. Because the material is light and soft, it is convenient to transport, lay and construct.
6. High breaking strength: up to 20KN / m or more, good crystallization index.
1. Inhibition of weed growth: Covering black grass cloth, weeds can not see light after germination, photosynthesis is inhibited, and the effect is very good.
2. Increase the ground temperature: After covering the ground cloth, the ground cloth can block the heat dissipation of the soil and increase the low temperature by 3~4 degrees Celsius.
3. Keep the soil moist: After the ground covers the ground cloth, it can inhibit the evaporation of water, and adding polymer functional materials can maintain a certain soil moisture, which can reduce the number of watering and save labor costs.
4. Improve soil compaction: After the ground covers the ground cloth, the ground cloth is well ventilated, the soil such as earthworms is increased, the soil micro-environment is improved, the soil is loosened, and there is no knotting phenomenon.

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