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long fish shrimp cage

The ground cage is made of plastic fiber, all artificially woven and knotted. Divided into one gear and one gear, the normal first gear is about 50CM, and the small one is about 20CM. There are many entrances on both sides of the ground cage, and the internal structure is relatively complex (called "inverted whiskers" in the industry). It is difficult for fish and shrimp to come out after entering. The exit is always located at the middle and tail of the cage, one on each side, and some are directly located at the two ends (this design is inconvenient, the cage body is unstable and easy to tilt under water), and the small cage has only one end.

Ground cages are mostly suitable for farms, personal fishing ponds, shallow water areas of reservoirs, small streams or lakes and other waters with slow water flow. It is convenient and quick to improve the fishing effect for farms and fishing ponds.

Product name Ground cage
Mesh size 1.3x1.3cm, 2.5x2.5cm, 4x4cm, customized
Color of cloth Green, white, ect
Material of frame Galvanized coated, plastic coated
Popular size of cage 30cmx40cmx8m, 2.5x2.5cm, 30x40cmx16m, 1.3cmx1.3cm, 40x60cmx18m, 1.3x1.3cm, 80x60cmx26m, 1.3x1.3cm, 30x25cmx10m, 4.0cmx4.0cm, ect
MOQ 100 pieces
Package PP woven bag
Type of cloth Knotted net, knotless net

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