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polypropylene woven weed mat cloth

1.Our woven geotextiles are primarily used in road building and embankment construction, but they are also used in drainage, filtration, separation, and soil reinforcement.

2.Their function by restricting soil particles but allowing liquid and gases to easily pass through them.

3.Woven Geotextiles are used to improve the performance of environmental engineering, civil engineering, and construction projects including roads, railways and landfills.


(1) High strength, due to the use of plastic flat, in the dry state can maintain adequate strength and elongation.

(2) Corrosion, at different PH of the soil and water can be permanently resistant to corrosion.

(3) Permeability is good, there is a gap between the flat yarn, it has good water permeability.

(4) Anti-microbial resistance of microorganisms, insects are not compromised.

(5) To facilitate the construction, because the material is light, soft, so transporting, laying, to facilitate construction.

100% Virgin Material: 100% virgin exclusive formulation material, make the bag No Smell Good Strength, Bright Color.

Advanced equipment and excellent weaving technology, making fabric with high-density, good toughness and strength.

Available width 1m to 8m Ultrasonic cutting. more neat and smooth. Anti-uv to the processing development, in order to increase the service life of the product. Mechanical packaging, professional and neatly.

Product name ground cover
Weight gram 65-230gsm
Color green, black, white
Width 1-8m
Length 1-300m/roll
Material PP
Stop the weed growth and keep the water
Package In roll, in piece.

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