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Shade net price per meter

Shade net price per meter

Shading net, also known as sun blocked net, is a new type of protective cover material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, windproof and soil covering that has been promoted in the past 10 years.

After the summer coverage, it plays a role of blocking light, preventing rain, moisturizing and cooling. After winter and spring coverage, there is still a certain degree of heat preservation and humidification.

For it's widely used, the shade net price per meter plays a very importand role for usual working life.

Usually the shade net price per meter is relevant with its raw material such as virgin or recyclced, with uv addtion or not. Some times according to customer requirements,  fire retartand agent will be added. It ranges from 0.07$ to 1.4$ depending on different shade weight and functions.

The popular shade rate is 65%, 80%, 90%, 95% for different market needs. It has width range from 1-8 meters without sewing. If customer has special requirements for the size, we have prefessional workers who can sew to the ordered size.

If you intrested, please send an inquiry to us to get an exact shade net price according to your requirements.

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