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shade net manufacturers in china

Shade Net Manufacturers in China

We are shade net manufacturers in china. We mainly produce shade nets made of HDPE. The life of our products is generally 3-5 years. We can make customized shade nets according to customer needs. The sunshade nets we produce include round wire shade nets, flat wire shade nets and round flat wire shade nets.

According to our experience, the quality of the shading net is tested in the following aspects.

1. The mesh surface is smooth and smooth, and the flat wire and the slit are parallel, neat and uniform, and the warp and weft are clear and bright.

2. The finish is good, the quality is bright, the deep black is bright, not the feeling of floating table light.

3. It is moderately flexible, elastic, no hard feeling, not rough, and has a flat and thick texture.

4. Formal fixed-size packaging, shading rate, specifications, and dimensions are clearly marked.

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